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The Marina Souvenirs of Angra and Praia are part of the company DebateMania Unipessoal Lda.

DebateMania is a company created in 2008 with its first store, Marina Souvenirs da Praia. Depending on the time of year, the concept of the store changed to take into account the needs of the island, until it was decided to open a new store, PuraMania.

PuraMania is a store created to make the women of our island even more beautiful, focusing more on women's fashion but also containing some men's fashion items.

Then we decided to open PuraMania Home. This is a store that contains items for home decor.

However, we realized that the Marina Souvenirs store was successful in the textile sector, so we decided to open the T-shirtMania store, where we created designs to print on textiles.

Finally, we decided to embrace the other city of our island, forming another store we call home, Marina Souvenirs de Angra.

Therefore, DebateMania is a family with about 15 employees and a total of 5 stores.

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Avenida Beira Mar, Hotel Praia Marina,
Store 1 Praia da Vitória
Phone. 962 606 226

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